"I hope to see you again and hear your stories..."

Thank you for coming to speak with us at the SPECTRUM conference. I was too shy to approach you probably because I have a hard time admitting to myself as a black queer woman that I had been assaulted as well by another woman. She was my gf at the time and I didn’t even know another woman could assault me. Just like you I’ve struggled with vulnerability when dating. My new gf has been patient with me. I was struck by what you said about control. I kept thinking wow another person knows what it’s like. I would use manipulation to try and twist what part of me she got. But your talk made me realize I need to let her love me. Truly and honestly love me for who I am and that I’m worthy of love. Thank you for speaking today. I feel so inspired by what you said. I’m going to seek help in NJ. I hope to see you again and hear your stories. Maybe I’ll win the Hamilton lottery finally!

Tony HowellComment