Affectionately known as Magic, Antuan gave his first TEDX Talk in March of 2018. He has also spoken at the the United States Merchant Marine Academy and at other conferences for the Offices of Victim Services in Albany, NY as a Survivor of childhood sexual abuse. It was his work as a client with the Crime Victims Treatment Center that he discovered a new passion and purpose in public speaking.

His first career as a Singer/Dancer/Actor/Choreographer in Musical Theatre spans two decades. Currently, he's a Universal Swing for the Pulitzer Prize and 11x TONY award-winning musical Hamilton. Prior, he was in the Grammy and 4x TONY award-winning In the Heights and has performed at Radio City Music Hall and The Grand Ole Opry with the Rockettes.


Keynote Topics:


Soldier of Love*

By choosing to lead from a place of fear and control, we are limiting the love we give and receive. This talk shows that we are all capable of living from a place of love.

*Signature TEDx Talk



My passion and purpose is to help other men find healing from sexual abuse. I’m looking to create a legacy that empowers other boys and men to love themselves in a way that we aren’t taught.


Broadway Swing Training

Swings are the heroes of Broadway... but it doesn't always feel that way! Learn the ins and outs from one of Hamilton's Universal Swings.

After repeated incidents of childhood sexual abuse, Antuan Magic Raimone lived his life from a place of fear, not wanting to risk standing in the light of his truest self. When he realized that "being afraid of what may happen keeps us from living in the love of what is happening," Raimone chose to become a Soldier of Love-a person who acknowledges fear, but chooses to live from love instead.

SPECTRUM Conference in Albany, NY




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