Reflection: Me + You

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It’s been a few years since my last entry and so much has happened in that time. Professionally speaking, I am currently working in the Pulitzer Prize and 11x Tony Award winning Broadway hit, Hamilton. As I write this, I’ve been with the show 1.5yrs and have also signed another full year contract with the show. I have been working in Musical Theatre for 20+ years, and aside from the two years that I worked on cruise ships, this has been the first time in my career that I’ve had a ‘full-time” theatre job. It has been such a gift in so many ways. It is a massive comfort to know that I have consistent work, which also means consistent income. It’s also put me in a place financially to move into my own apartment, which is the first time I’ve ever lived alone in my 12 years of living in NY. 

There has also been an incredible development in what I want as an additional career, which is as a Public Speaker. If you’ve read any of my entries or have seen any of my social media, you’ll know that I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and I am also very outspoken about my journey with it. I first started my journey into public speaking in 2010 and in the past year things have really taken off. On March 27, 2018, I will give my first TEDx Talk in NYC and once I’ve been able to fully process what that means to me, I’ll share that with you. I still can’t believe that it happened. 

I have so much that I want to share with you, which means that I’ve got a lot of writing to do. I just want to finish this by saying that I truly appreciate you taking the time to read any of my entries. My intention now is still the same as when I started sharing them back in 2012, and it is to share my life openly and candidly so that you, the reader, can hopefully see yourself in me. We may have different upbringings and our day-to-day lives will be different, but what connects us at the end of the day is that we are human beings that share the same emotions of hope, joy, fear, insecurity, and most importantly… LOVE. 

May this find you in good health and spirits.

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