Wonders of Nature


Looking out at an ocean of beautiful blue water a rainbow appears through a cluster of puffy white clouds in the distance. This is the first rainbow I’ve seen since I boarded the Breakaway on NCL in September and other than me writing about it now, it will go undocumented. There will be no picture for me to share with anyone. It will be a swell of emotion that only I will know. It’s joy that brings a smile to my face, tears to my eyes and a feeling of contentment to my soul.

I’ve just now seen two birds flying as well. I don’t know where they came from or how long they have been on their journey or even where they are going, but here they are some unknown number of miles from the nearest piece of land. So, why in the hell am I telling you about two birds flying at sea? It’s a wonder of nature to me, just like the endless sea in front of me and the rainbow that appears through a sky of clouds. It’s my way of appreciating what nature has given us and it’s a piece of My Life’s Kaleidoscope.

The magnificence of nature doesn’t only exist in the middle of the ocean, it can be found anywhere and I implore you to seek it out for yourself as often as you can. It could be as close as your backyard or a community park. It could be as large as the ocean or as small as an ant. In whatever form it takes, it’s there for each of us to enjoy and be enriched by, so why not take the opportunity?  

Antuan RaimoneComment