Living Outside of Myself


As I was toiling away minutes of my day on facebook I posted a video along with a comment and in that comment was the phrase, “living outside of myself”. This phrase came from me talking about buying a bag of fruit from a street vendor, carrying it with me throughout my day in NY and giving the fruit out to people in need of food. I was meeting a friend for dinner this week and I had the bag of fruit and when he asked me about it I said; “it’s fruit for the people”. This is just another example of me creating a type of ‘shorthand”.

I was asked if the intention of “living outside of myself” was something I picked up from the 21-day meditation challenge I’d been doing or if I’d previously written about it here on my blog. The answer to that is I’m not exactly sure. It seemed like a very spontaneous occurrence to me. I have seen many homeless people on the streets and subway asking for money or food and my personal choice is to not give money to anyone, as I don’t trust how they would use it. Instead I will at times offer to buy them food. It’s not something I do often, because that can get expensive. After seeing a youtube video titled “The very awesome new trend worldwide”, I realized that there was something very simple and cost effective that I could do to help others and in turn, LIVE OUTSIDE OF MYSELF and help someone that was in need. What I did was buy 2-5 dollars of fruit from a street vendor, carry the bag with me throughout the day and give it away. It costs me very little and helps another.

To me living outside of myself means literally seeing other human beings, and making myself present in the world that I'm living in the moment. In a world of so many people we all create ways to not be directly connected to one another. We look at our phones when in each other’s company and walking down the street, we listen to music (my personal favorite and daily habit) and look the other way or even beyond someone that is in need. This is what I consider living inside ourselves. I don’t expect to help every person I see, but I don’t have to ignore every person I see either. Living outside of yourself can be as simple as seeing someone you pass on the street and smiling at them, holding a door open, or helping a mother carry her stroller up or down a flight of stairs.

As I did my meditation one morning I learned what the meaning of the word “namaste”; “The spirit in me honors the spirit in you.” Without knowing it, it is how I am choosing to live my life, by honoring the spirit of others. I am human and will not always have this at the forefront of my mind, but my intention will be to make this a practice in my life.

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