Age Is Only A Number


Today’s entry is my birthday edition. Today is my birthday and at 9:20pm I’ll officially be 33yrs old. Being in the entertainment business I hear people comment and sometimes obsess about their age and their looks. I often hear people talk about not wanting to get older or wanting to be skinnier and to be honest, at times it’s obnoxious. Let me be clear, I have my own insecurities just like everyone else does and I have carried them with me since childhood and in the privacy of my own thoughts have found myself to be obnoxious. I read a friends' facebook status talking about her attitude towards getting older and how one of her friends put her in check. This friend is over 50 and I could probably be off by a decade for all I know. I often forget the actual ages of my friends the longer I’ve known them. My point is that she views her age through a completely different filter than those of us who know her and her friend made sure to share with her what others see beyond her own filter. I think she is vibrant, intelligent, elegant, beautiful and a bad ass in the most positive way.

My first professional job was playing “Willis” in “School House Rocks Live” at the Coterie Children’s Theatre in Kansas City and I was 17yrs old. Going into the audition I thought there would be other kids my age there. To my great surprise and fear, the person closest in age to me was 21 and at 17, 21 seemed ages away. I spent the first five years of my career being the youngest in every show I did and I loved it because I got to watch, listen and learn from people that had more experience than I did. I learned about professionalism and respect and so much more. I’ve always felt that being surrounded by people the same age as you all the time stunts growth because if we all have similar mentalities and experience, in what way can we learn more? I think that there is so much to learn from people both older and younger than I am and I like to be surrounded by that kind of diversity.

I am proudly and admittedly an “Old Soul” and am aware that not many my age think the same way I do. Getting older is a gift that not everyone is afforded and for someone to bemoan getting older is something I have a hard time grasping. If people are afraid of the years passing by, I look at it, as they haven’t appreciated the years they’ve lived. In my opinion it’s a matter of perspective and also seeing the world that exists outside of oneself. Some days I am actively living in that perception and other days it’s all about me and what’s right or wrong, but in the long run I find my way back to perspective. Today I may not have everything that I think I want, but I am confident that I have everything that I need and the first evidence of that is that I woke up this morning. My mind and body are doing what I need them to do and everything else will be however it needs to be for today.

As I write this entry, and any other for that matter, it is just as much for me as it is you. Today, I write to remind myself that each choice I make in each day will have that day turn out exactly how it is meant to be. The first 33yrs of my life have been so full and good or bad, they have led me to who I am today and I am DAMN PROUD to be that man!


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