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I believe in a world where love is stronger than fear.

It’s not a new idea or belief, just one that we have distanced ourselves from and I’d like to help shorten that distance. 

To help create that future, I’m willing, as a #SoldierofLove, to share my experiences in love and fear (or darkness) as openly as I can through written or spoken word. I will shine light on my own darkness to show that even in our lowest of moments, there is always light waiting for us. 

Beyond this mission, some of my proudest moments in life include being a role model to my 9 nieces and nephews, my work as an Advisory Council Member/Advocate/Speaker with the Offices of Victim Services of NYC against sexual assault/abuse, and my volunteer work with Live Out Loud of NYC as an openly gay role model to LGBTQ+ Youth. I am also proud of my 20+ year career in Musical Theatre—which most recently includes my current position as Universal Swing for Hamilton

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